How Often Should You Replace Carpets?

How Often Should You Replace Carpets

Every time when we visit the house of our relatives, carpets are one of the most frequent attracting stuff which usually catches your eyes. After seeing their carpets you generally wish to buy new carpets but this is not possible. No one can buy carpets again and again; there is some specific time period when you wish to change the carpet after observing the condition of your carpet.

When you installed new carpet in the house it was so beautiful but by time its beauty, comfort level and colour fades. These are the reasons when you have to change the carpet. Your carpet suffers a lot during its life cycle, as sometimes kids spill any food items, pets do their nature calls on the carpet, even adults can create stains on the carpet by spilling any drinks or pickles and sometimes footprints are imprinted on the carpet  due to high traffic. All these activities reduce the beauty of the carpet and force us to buy new one. But before installation of new carpet you should be concerned with the professional carpet technicians. 

At That Time of Replacement of Carpet You Should Concern Few Points:

Life Span of Carpet

Lifespan of the carpet is depending on the quality of fabric of carpet but still the average duration of any carpet is between 10 to 15 years. Generally, lifespan of carpet is directly associated with the way you are treating it. Regular cleaning is required for a good life cycle. High foot traffic, untrained pets, kids activity can reduce the duration of carpet as it fades the colour and ruins the quality of rugs. Basically, members in the house are directly proportional to the lifespan of the carpet which means, if you family contains many members in that case due to high traffic, the life cycle of the carpet is very short.

Cost of Carpet Replacement

Cost of carpet also depends on the fabric and the size of carpet you want to purchase. Carpet installation technicians also take their charges over and all this is one of the biggest investments of a house. Due to such a high cost this is a major responsibility of the homeowners to check all other options before replacing the carpet and even before buying the carpet, ask professionals as to which type of fabric suits your home and most importantly which carpet is under your budget.

How Often Should You Replace Carpet
How Often Should You Replace Carpet

Check Other Alternative Options

You already know that carpet is a big investment, so you have to check alternative options. As, hey are quite possibilities of professional cleaning of carpet and it can enhance the life cycle of the carpet as professionals have  almost every tool required in carpet cleaning even, they can use the disinfectants according to the quality of the carpet. Besides, carpet cleaning in Coorparoo you can train your pets and ask your kids not to spill any food items on the carpet. Try to avoid more foot traffic on the carpet and always have a door mate before the carpet enters the area. Moreover, regular cleaning by homemade products can reduce the chance of carpet replacement.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Surely, routine cleaning can maintain the grace of rugs but you should hire professionals at least twice a year for the benefit of carpet and reducing the chances of its getting ripped or faded. Before making any decision to spend your pocket you have to ask from professionals and if you want to do detailed discussion on carpet replacement or carpet cleaning you can directly contact us 0734 830 522.