Getting Rid of These Stubble Stains from Your Carpet

Remove Stubble Stains from Your Carpet

Since the time the carpet became a new trend in the modern age. The usage of carpets grew rapidly in households. They started becoming very famous and are used as the interior of your house. But day to day use they also meet with many types of accidents. These accidents could even damage the fiber and the quality of your carpet. These accidents could also be spills or a stain that may cause damage to the color of your carpet. If you avoid treating the stains or spills immediately they may even become permanent stains and become hard to remove.

If there is a permanent or a big stain on your carpet which has been incurred due to an accident. You may hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Coorparoo as it is very difficult to remove the stain at home. If you try to remove the stain with improper knowledge or unprofessional tools you may even end up destroying the fiber of your carpet. Professional services not only provide you with effective results but also help to maintain the quality of your carpet.

But during any inspection, if you notice any stain which is small in size. You must know how to get rid of this stubborn stain from your carpet.

Here is a list of the most common stubborn stains which may appear on your carpet. How you may get rid of these stubborn stains from your carpet.

When it comes to removing the old stains from a carpet it could be a very difficult challenge for you to remove them at home. As if a stain is fresh it can be removed instantly. If it is old then you may require proper methods and techniques to remove it.

  1. Water+Soap

If the stain is on a very small area of your carpet then you must go with water plus dish soap solution. It is the safest method to remove a stain from your carpet.

 All you need to do is add some drops of dish soap to water and then mix it then apply it to the carpet and then leave it for a few minutes. wash the carpet with clean water to remove the soap from the carpet.

  1. Water+Soap+Vinegar

If any stain of fruit juice has appeared on your carpet then you must use this solution to get rid of it. You must add a few drops of soap and a tablespoon of vinegar to 2 cups of water to make this solution. With the use of a clean white towel, apply the solution to the carpet. Leave it for a few minutes. Then after a few minutes, you may wash the carpet.

  1. Baking soda+vinegar

This other solution could be very effective to remove the stains from the carpet. Before treating it on the stain you must first apply it to the hidden area of your carpet. Make sure it is safe with the fiber of your carpet. First, you need to apply some dry baking soda to the strain. Then mix a few drops of vinegar and dish soap in water and then spread on the strain. Leave it for a few hours and then clean your carpet again.

4. At this point, we are not telling you about any solution. First of all, you must try to clean your carpet by washing it all away. If there is an instant spill the stain or the spill may come out quickly just with the wash with water and soap.